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What to Expect

          When you adopt a dog or a cat from us there are several things that you can do to help them adjust therefore give you both the opportunity help you bond more quickly.


       Remember that not only is this a big change for you but also for your new pet.  You may have been preparing for this for a while but this whole transition is brand new to them.  Give your dog or cat some space to get to know their surroundings and open up to you at their pace.  We often suggest starting in one isolated room in the house.


     If there are other pets in the home we require a meet and greet prior to adoption to verify that they are compatible.  Even with a successful  meet and greet, introductions in the home should be made slowly.   Remember that your pets view the home as their territory and they should also be given time to accept your new family member. 

  We feed our pets Hill's Science Diet, if you would like to switch foods we encourage you to mix the food you are switching to with the bag of Hills Science Diet you will receive from us when the adoption has been finalized.

  • Three parts Science Diet to one part food of your choice for the first few days. 

  • Two parts Science Diet to two parts food of choice for the next few days.

  • One part Science Diet to three parts food of choice to finish the bag. 


The slow transition should help to prevent any stomach upset.

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