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Be a FSAH Volunteer! 

Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, there is always a way to help! Take a look below and see all the different ways you can become a part of our team. Begin saving and changing the lives of the dogs and cats of Fort Smith today! 

Dog Runners & Walkers

Are you an active person? Maybe you need an equally active companion! Walks and runs can take place at our facilities but no dog has ever said 'no' to all the smells of a local hiking trail.  Our dogs can't wait to stretch their legs with you!

Cat Socialization

Turn Fraidy-Cats into Friendly Cats! All cats need love and attention. Come to the FSAH facilities and spend quality time with the perrrrrrr-fect friend! 

Dog Playgroup Assistant

Our dogs are waiting for you to be their play buddy! Come to the Fort Smith Animal Haven facilities and lead a group of 2 - 5 dogs to one of our open, outdoor play spaces for some great exercise and socializing! 

Medical Team Associates


Adoption Event Coordinator

Meet one of our experienced team members and about a dozen of our furry friends at a local spot to show them off to the community and help them find their new home! We often meet outside of local pet store, coffee shops and parks. These events normally last from 10am to 6pm. Come join the fun in matching the perfect animal with it's perfect owner! 

Animal Marketing

We are all about getting those 'Likes'! Help us update our animal's social medial profiles so the rest of the community can see the best in all of our animals! 

Foster Volunteers

Sometimes dogs and cats can take a few days to open up and really share their personalities. We really like when volunteers can foster an animal for an extend stay and provide us with an accurate profile of the animals habits and behaviors! 

Facility Maintenance

Taking care of these animals all day can get pretty rowdy sometimes, that's why we like to go above an beyond to ensure that our animals have the most adequate facilities possible. We love when our volunteers helps us maintain our operations! 

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